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Soft-skills are essential in this ever-changing dispensation. They are critical to the modern, dynamic, workplace we find ourselves. To this effect, we at SB Academy offer certificate, professional and advanced professional diploma in Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Salesmanship, Business Management, and Customer Service. We also offer certificate courses in Marketing, Communication, Coaching and Mentoring, Team Building, Performance Management, Organizational Skills, Budget and Financial Report. Health Care and Allied Services are available in certificate and professional diploma. It might interest you to know that some of these courses are also available in Chinese language. These abilities enable workers to interface and collaborate with team members of varying backgrounds and capabilities.
Our Vision: To empower the workforce for team synergy, thereby teaching and mentoring tomorrow’s professionals.
Our Mission: To make the success of our clients, our students, the priority. We will provide services that are a springboard to success. But above all else, we will ensure that no one is left behind, and none is neglected in their pursuits.
Core Values: We at SB Academy are dedicated and driven towards impacting knowledge by giving our clients fair and equal opportunities to succeed.

Being an ISO 29990:2010 and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization,SB Academy knows you are busy, and working hard to reach your potential, but it can be very difficult to set aside time for study and personal development. With family and other responsibilities, setting aside enough time for study is almost impossible – making traditional classes less feasible. Therefore,SB Academy has an online learning environment, designed for the busy adult – a place where you can study and engage with learning, anywhere, any time.
If you have a tablet, phone or notebook computer, you can make your world the classroom. You can integrate your experiences, your knowledge, your life, and in this way grow your potential – and grow your career opportunities as well. Our academy allows you to work and study at your pace, without affecting your ability to earn a living.
We have available online tutors who can assist you as needed, and we do everything we can to make sure that everyone is able to succeed!

SB Academy is a certified institution and we believe excellence in education is the primary
value – the main goal.
Each student has a road map to their dreams and aspirations. If you are ready to make a positive change and to seek greater challenges, contact our student service team

About SB Academy

SB Academy is formed by a group of Educators who strongly believe that Soft-skills are vital in this modern world.

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SB website: No. 147 (b), 149(b) Jalan susur off Jalan meru 41050 klang, selangor.


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