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One of the best computer games, command and Conquer: Red Alert has been a great favorite since the mid-nineties, thanks to a unique combination of real-time strategy, Cold War aesthetics and humor the camp. The latest edition, Red Alert 3, continues to be this good tradition due to significant improvement graphics and audio games.

Demonstration Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 consists of three missions of tutorials and a few campaign missions, one for the Soviet Union and NATO, creating a good-sized demo that you will have a good idea of enter if you want or will not be full (function () {(“app review page desktop”);});

As in the previous edition of Red Alert, this latest version places the Soviet UnionAgainst Allies, time travel, nuclear weapons and a series of high performances in the 7-minute introductory film. The film also adds to the most important Red Alert 3: Empire of the Sun, a new force that can be played, which warns world domination.

Assignment and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Using a new graphics and 3D effects released last year in Tiberium Wars title, which means that the C C supporters are really familiar with the game management and game design. It seems to us that we detected slightly higher CPU and GPU in this title Command and Conquer 3 above, but it’s only a small error with the application’s maximum settings. Sound, video and acting are of the highest quality. This really makes the game a good product.

But to theend of the day. What Red Alert 3 really does is something new. Of course, vehicles and units were shaken slightly (including additional strange Bears War for the Soviet Union), and Japan was added to the list of competitive forces. But Red Alert 3 does not really differ from Command Conquer 3 or Red Alert 2 in this case. Graphics and sound are much better, but the game is almost the same.

Commanders of the series will enjoy Command and Conquer: Improve graphics and comedy Red Alert 3. But anyone who expects the new features of the game will be disappointed.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
November 28, 2018

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