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Prospective candidates are advised to read through all the courses and modules stipulated here in the academy website. A lot of effort has been made to make sure that the information provided here are accurate and up to date. However, the information displayed on this website is subject to change and updating at any time, and to this effect, we also advise that you visit this page periodically so that you will be made abreast of any changes that may occur. Reading, understanding, continuing and using information on this site will be an indication that you have accepted the terms and condition of this site. You could therefore exit the site if you are not comfortable with the terms and conditions displayed here.

Thus, SB Academy will not be held liable for any false information, advertisement or description posted about the institution that could be misleading. We will not be held responsible for any false or inadequate information pertaining the courses and modules we offer in the academy through brochures, programmes, circular or other documents, or notifications and announcement made known to the public as prescribed by Private Education Act 1996.



SB Academy has not and will not make any guarantee about employment for prospective careers, applications for a permanent residence and work permit. If you get such guarantees, they should be disregarded, ignored and seen as misleading as no Private Education Institution shall take cognisance of this. If you decided to act upon false promises of guarantee by external parties representing or not representing SB Academy without our consent, such person is at his or her own risk. SB Academy will not be held responsible.

Despite the quality of education we offer here at SB Academy, we regret to state that we do not guarantee that employment offers will be made to prospective candidates upon completion of their course. Candidates who wish to work for us must go through the right channel for approval of documents like Work Permit from the Immigration Department of Malaysia(Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia). We also do not guarantee that attainment of certificates here will speed up the process of getting relevant work documents. The Immigration Department of Malaysia Has laid down procedures with which all individuals must go through to get required documents.



The approval for a Permanent Residence (PR) is the sole responsibility of the Immigration Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia). SB Academy will not be held responsible for the approval of a permanent residence application.



SB Academy will also not be held accountable for any misinterpretation of information presented via our social media channels and handles.





All information on this site be it text, graphics or designs are a copyright of the SB Academy and its affiliated content or technological providers. Also, the logo of SB Academy should not be used in any form without the consent of the Academy. Using this site means that downloading any content for uses other than personal or non-commercial purposes will be decisively dealt with.





The information required from you by SB Academy will be treated in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act of 2010 and will be used only for the purpose for which it is being collected for. We promise not to exchange your personal details through licensing or sale to external parties without your consent.


We are putting all measures in place to make sure that information gotten from you are guarded from misuse, loss or alterations. We will also try to make sure that data obtained from you will be accessed only by the appropriate authorities of SB Academy.


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