Examination Board

The examination board of SB Academy is put in place to set assessments and examination, setting marking guides, mark examination scripts and distributing results with utmost accuracy as possible. They organise trainings and workshop for staff on how to instruct students better. They also set rules and regulations for examination conducts and make sure that these rules are properly implemented and put measures in place to check candidates who default.

At SB Academy, our examination board aims to perform the following functions:

  • Set and review examination questions as well as make available other examination materials.
  • Set rules and regulations for the general conduct of teachers and students under examination conditions and carry out proper follow-up on these rules.
  • Set marking guides and if need be, mark students scripts on assessment and examinations with all manner of fairness and transparency.
  • Collate, organise and publish the results of candidate unadulterated.
  • Make sure that all examination materials are secure and well accounted for before, during and after examination periods.
  • Handle challenges that instructors or candidates may face and proffer solutions in good time.
Examination Board Members
Name of Members                                           Academic/Professional Qualifications
Dato’ Seri Dr CM Lim Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Executive Master of Business Management
Dato’ Dr Min Zhang Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration
Ms Diana Voicu Master of Business Administration
Ms Soo Mui Eng Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

About SB Academy

SB Academy is formed by a group of Educators who strongly believe that Soft-skills are vital in this modern world.

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