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Private Internet Access (PIA) is a virtual private network (VPN) solution that encrypts and anonymizes Internet traffic. The data passing through your internet connection is encrypted so that no one can read; In addition, your traffic is routed through a different IP address, since it’s impossible to determinewhere it was created. It only protects the anonymity of your Internet connection, it can allow you to bypass the blocks or firewall that restrict your access to certain sites on the Internet. pryvatnyDostup Internet is available as a desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobileapplications for Android and Apple iOS.

Basics of Internet Privacy (function () {(“Application Desktop Review”);}); To get started with private internet access, you will need to subscribe to a plan. You can pay every month, or money by subscribing for a longer term.package. Your license allows you to simultaneously protect up to 5 devices so that you can protect your home, school or work. With this software zabespyachennyaprosty and clear; the interface is minimal, and as soon as it works, it does not work, which allows you to safely connect to the Internet.It even has a feature that blocks ads and pop-ups when browsing the web. If you equip a new place with an Internet connection, you can buy a loaded routerpre with the software necessary to run this VPN.

PIA VPNShyroki routines range of functionsSecurity makes Internet access for private users a good choice for VPN clients. It provides an accessible server, not allowing the observer to select anything in the use of the Internet for your DNS queries. It also includes the kill switch function; if VPN is disconnected suddenly,disable the application to access the Internet. This feature means that you never send the vulnerable mood of Internet traffic encrypted. One character is the number of good VPN servers in which it works; closer and more numerous servers mean fasterconnections. This network is one of the leaders of the number of server zgraiz conditions, although more available in some parts of the world than others. they also have a strict policy not to register any information of their users; in addition to PayPal and credit cards, PIAalso accepts payment in secure formats, including digital currencies such as bitcoin and even coffee gift cards.

Tough security on a reasonable basis. TsaneKaliyou is looking for an easy-to-use VPN solution that provides reliable protection without high monthly’s a good choice. nekatoryyalyudi may not like the minimalist user interface – sometimes you can forget that VPN is turned on. It offers slightly less workability than some competing products.

but it provides enough control for fine tuningmost users. Private Internet access also includes Mace and malware, a tracker and an ad blocker that cannot be turned off, although some users will see this as many obstacles. A wide range of servers and tight security features meanthat this is a reliable choice of dalakarystalniki, who want a fast, secure vpn with a simple interface.

Private Internet Access
November 7, 2018

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